Since 10 years CLEAR and CLEAN offers a range
of products for specific public work. They can be apply to all types of equipment,
finishers, truck tops, concrete mixers, lifting equipment…This range has evolved
to meet the new criteria for maintenance cleaning, security and environment.
Products for interior and exterior, but also specific products (preventive, curative and
treatments) are available. Specialized in this field, our sales force is fully trained in modern techniques.
A technical and economic performance.

Hand cleaner with rubbing agentAGRUPERL/PERLE
Ionidise aliminum renovatorANOPHOS
Anti-adhesive for bitumousASPHALTEX
Biodegradable solvent for engine and bitumousBIOSOLV DG
Solvent for graffitis and indelible stainsBIOSOLV Tag
Trucks and cars soap cleanerA.B.M
Anti-adhesive for cement andd concreteCIMGLISS (new prod)
Cement and concrete removerDECIM alu
Cold bitumous to repare roadsNID DE POULE
Rust remover. Ultrapowerful phosphatantDERPHOS
high grade degreaserDGO 1litre can
Environment compliant detergent/degreaserECO DF 0.5litre sapling can
Environment compliant penetrating multi function oilECO HD pro
Brakes cleanerECOFREIN
Paint stripper (DMC free)DECAPVIT
Primary anticorrosion paint for ferrous metalPRIMAIRE EPOXY ANITCORRO
Peelable protective varnishPELAL
Long term protection for metalsPROTAN
Wood renovatorDEGRISEUR BOIS
Anti-dust sand sweeperSABLE SILICO
high grade detergentTURBO
Wipes polisher for dashboard and furnitureWS 74 routiere