Since 10 years CLEAR and CLEAN offers a complete range of products for cleaning.
They can be applied to all types of areas: community, kitchens, slaughter houses, manufacturing plants food…
This range has evolved to meet the new criteria and gold standards cleaning.
Products are for interior, exterior, but also products for specific protection, renovation and treatment are available.
Specialized in this field, our sales force is fully trained in HACCP techniques.
A technical and economic performance.

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Air freshenerAMBIAL
Oven cleanerALCAFOUR
Drying washer for dishwasherC84
Food contact detergentCARDINAL
Stainless steel renovatorCLEANOX
Carpet cleanerCARJEX
Concentrate liquid for dishwasherCITRAL
Food contact descalerDETRALIM
Windows cleanerGEOVITRE
Laundry pre wash spot removerCLEARSPOT
Wood surface renovatorCLEANWOOD
Food contact cleansing foamECOMOUSSE
Descaler for toiletSANIDET
Hand soapECOMAIN
Hydro alcoholic gel for hand desinfectionSEPTIMAIN
Paint stripper (DMC free)DECAPVIT
Bactericide and fongicide detergent for hospitality and food industrySUNCLEAN PLUS Citron
Carpet spot removerCLEARCARPET