Since 40 years CLEAR and CLEAN offers a range
of specific products for industries, technical and maintenance services. They
can be apply to all types of manufacturing processes, maintenance and repair…This range has
evolved to meet new criterias and gold standards of cleaning, security and environment.
Products for interior, exterior, chains production manufacturing, robotics, car wash, but also
specific products for the protection, restoration and treatment are available.
Specialized in this field, our sales force is fully trained in modern techniques of
cleaning and maintenance.
A technical and economic performance.

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Hand cleaner with rubbing

Soap for mechanicsAGRUPERL
Anti-humidity and penetrating oil.EXOPRO
Ionidise aliminum renovatorANOPHOS
Bug and Tar removerBIOSOLV Tar
Biodegradable solvent for engine and bitumousBIOSOLV DG
Solvent for graffitis and indelible stainsBIOSOLV Tag
Rust remover. Ultrapowerful phosphatantARA 200
High grade degreaserBREAKOIL
Environment compliant detergent/degreaserECO DF
Environment compliant penetrating multi function oilECO HD PRO
Adhesive RemoverBIOSOLV Sticker
Aluminium renewerNOVAL
Stainless steel and aluminium renewerCLEANOX
Paint stripper (DMC ) free, low VOCDECAPVIT
Wood Surface RestorerWOODNET
Passivation for Stainless SteelCITRIPASS
Protection against fire and burning areasFIRE BLOCK GEL