Since 10 years CLEAR and CLEAN offers a range
of specific products for cleaning and maintenance.
They can be apply to all types of vehicles: cars, truck, bus, and railway equipment as well…
This range has evolved to meet new criteria and gold standards of cleaning, security and environment.
Products for interior, exterior, car wash, but also specific products for the protection, restoration and treatment are available.
Specialized in this field, our sales force is fully trained in modern techniques of cleaning and maintenance.
A technical and economic performance.

Hand cleaner with rubbingAGRUPERL
Anti-humidity and penetrating oilEXOPRO
Frshener for car interior. Fight bad smell of cigaretteAMBIAL
Trucks and cars soap cleanerA.B.M
Stainless steel protection/renovationCARINOX
Restorer for vehicules wheelsCARJANTE
High grade degreaserBREAKOIL
Environment compliant detergent/degreaserECO DF 0.5litre sapling can
Environment compliant penetrating multi function oilECO HD pro
Brakes cleanerECOFREIN
Windows cleanerGEOVITRE
Silicone based polishGLASSIL
Food contact cleansing foamECOMOUSSE
Stainless steel and aluminium renewerCLEANOX
Paint stripperDECAPVIT
Concentrated for Windscreen cleaner tankWindscreen cleaner concentrate